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How to Choose a Floorplan That Fits Your Future

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is a prime relocation destination, and it seems that everyone is constantly on the move. But the reality is that homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer than ever. The Dallas Morning News recently reported that the median time DFW homeowners stay in their homes today is 11 years, which is twice as long as reported in the early 2000s, according to a study by ValuePenguin.

A lot can happen in 11 years. That guy you’re dating who seems like he might be kind of a keeper could end up being the father of your elementary school-aged kid. And in 11 years, your kiddo who’s currently in kindergarten will be filling out college applications.

While location, location, location is always going to be important, it’s just as important to choose a floorplan that’s flexible enough to adapt to your future.

Family Matters

If having children is part of your future plans, consider bedroom locations. You might want all the bedrooms on one level, or you might prefer a downstairs owner’s retreat with a second downstairs bedroom so a nursery can be close by.

If you already have young children, you might prefer more privacy, with secondary bedrooms separated from the owner’s retreat either down the hall or even on a separate level. A pass-through Jack and Jill bath or private dressing areas within the bedrooms can make it easier and quicker for kids to get ready in the morning without fighting for sink and mirror time.

A separate living area is also nice, so your kids can play with their friends without disturbing you. A play area or homework center close to the kitchen allows you to interact with the kids while getting dinner ready.

Keep in mind outdoor activities as well. Windows overlooking the backyard make it easy to keep an eye on kids, and a mudroom helps provide a transition area to keep the dirt outside.

It might seem incomprehensible that a child who just lost his first tooth will be driving a car in 11 years. You might want to consider a 3-car garage or a driveway that will accommodate an extra parking pad in the future.

It’s not just your kids who will change over the next decade. If you anticipate that you may end up taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent, a bedroom on the first floor will come in handy.

Work It Out

Back in the 80s, the norm was getting suited up and going to the office every day. Then came business casual. Today, many companies are offering employees the opportunity to work from home either occasionally or every day. Choosing a floorplan that either includes a home office or a bedroom that can be easily used as a home office can help preserve the right balance between work time and personal time.

Entertainers Extraordinaire

If you thrive on entertaining, you’ll want to pay special attention to the kitchen, living area and outdoor space. If yours is the house the family will gravitate to for holiday dinners, a double oven in the kitchen will come in exceptionally handy, and you also might want to make sure the laundry room or garage has room for a second fridge. Even if your idea of feeding the crowd is calling a caterer, abundant counterspace will be appreciated.

A floorplan with an open flow will keep the party going and will accommodate extra tables and chairs when needed. A large backyard patio can easily morph into an outdoor living area complete with outdoor kitchen.

Make Room for Multitasking

If the median time to stay in a home is 11 years, that means you could easily be in the half that stays even longer. Look for flexibility in a floorplan. Many rooms can serve multiple purposes today and can be used for entirely different purposes in the future. For example, consider furnishing a spare bedroom with a Murphy bed, desk, bookcase and exercise equipment. Lower the bed to accommodate your occasional overnight guest, but the rest of the time, use this room for your home office and personal fitness center. Or when your high schooler leaves home, use his bedroom for that specialized craft room you’ve always wanted.

Your new home is your dream, and it’s our honor to help you make it come true.

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