A Home that Cares.

December 1, 2021

Have you ever been running late, dashing out of your front door, trying to remember if you forgot anything? Imagine a home that makes your life easier, brings you closer to your family, and helps you achieve the best version of yourself.

At Graham Hart, we seamlessly incorporate technology into our home builds to create a unique experience for every consumer. Say goodbye to days of stress with a home that helps you stay on top of your routine.

Smart Home devices facilitate an array of daily functions. From turning on lights to managing home safety, Smart Home technology creates a home that helps and protects its owner. Brands like Brilliant Smart Home System, Ring, Sonos, Hey Google, Alexa, and G Nest are some of the programs provided in our homes. These unique features enhance your living standards and provide additional safety and comfort.

The ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat is not only a temperature gauge, but a system that doubles as an intercom that responds to voice control demands. With this thermostat, hands-free phone calls, Spotify streaming, and Bluetooth streaming are at your fingertips. Most importantly, the smart thermostats learn and adapt to your routine, helping you save up to 26% on annual energy costs.

Another smart home device that increases the security of your home is the Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener. This opener allows you to control and monitor the status of your garage door anywhere with your smartphone.

Lastly, the Ring Pro allows you to see who is at your doorstep in a safe and convenient way. You can customize the doorbell to send you a phone alert with video previews once movement has triggered the sensor. Your privacy and security can be customizable to your needs and desires, creating a home that is fit for you.

The Brilliant Smart Home System conveniently allows all smart home features to be accessible through one platform. Brilliant keeps smart home technology organized in one place, providing ease and simplicity to our homeowners. In an age where the futuristic homes depicted in The Jetsons have become our reality, we have artfully integrated smart home technology into our Graham Hart homes to give our clients an optimal experience and luxurious lifestyle. A smart home gives a customer more time to make memories and less time to stress. Graham Hart wants you to find the perfect home to elevate your way of life.

Live in a place that cares for you just as much as you care about the people you live with.

More information available about Smart Home technology visit grahamhart.com/technology-innovation.