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Once you’ve closed on your home and have an Internet connection, schedule a time to install your Smart Home Devices.


Install & Integrate

ESD Technologies will come to your home and set-up your devices, ensuring they are integrated with Brilliant.



Enjoy the modern conveniences of your new Smart Home!

With our Smart Home Technology, you can go as basic or complex as you wish. Our list of devices range from video doorbells, smart thermostats, Wifi garage capabilities, and a brilliant smart home hub that ties all your devices together.

Have Control of Your Home

Graham Hart partners with Brilliant to provide our customers with top of the line Smart Home Integration. The Brilliant Smart Home System can be integrated with brands in every smart home category giving you control of your entire home from your wall or single app.

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Why Smart Homes?

Our commitment to building homes of distinction includes withstanding the test of time. Our homes are built to be timeless, so integrating with the technology of tomorrow is an on-going mission.

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