Deciding on a Floor Plan

February 23, 2022

What Your Floor Plan Should Include

Imagine walking into a bright, open-concept home with subtle traditionalist embellishments and modern designs. At Graham Hart, we create floor plans that highlight the warmth and celebrate innovation. We are here to give you tips for what to look for in a floor plan!

When looking for a future home, it can be difficult to see if the house is the right fit for you. A floor plan can provide vital information on how a home aligns with your desires.

1. Look at the flow of the home.

Does the home have an open entryway, or do you walk into an enclosed room? An open entryway provides depth to the home and welcomes guests when they visit. When touring a home pay close attention to the ease of walkability in the layout. Is there a clear flow in and out of rooms to high traffic areas or do you find yourself in closed-off rooms often? An open layout is inviting and allows for a multitude of design opportunities to put your creative stamp on your home.

2. Does the plan maximize light in the home?

Light filtration is always on the top of people’s lists looking at the concept of a home. Are the windows placed in a way that maximizes light? Do the windows help illuminate and add space to the home build? At Graham Hart, we utilize windows to maximize natural light, create clean design lines, and open spaces for a bright, positive atmosphere. Your plants are going to thrive in a Graham Hart home!

3. Storage Space

Although this may not be the first thing you think about when purchasing a home, it is important to find a home that complements your storage needs. Analyze the floor plan and make sure you have enough closets to store your linens, tool kits, professional portfolios, etc. Storage spaces can be anything from your traditional kitchen cabinets to mudrooms and closets. Placement of storage is key to its functionality.

4. Ensure room for growth

Not sure if you need that office or flex space on the floor plan? Take some time to think ahead about your future needs. Maybe that space can be turned into a den, in-home theatre or playroom. Every room has the potential to fit your dream home requirements.

These are important tips that could help you get one step closer to finding your dream home, which could be one click. Peruse our available concepts to see if Graham Hart fulfills your household needs.