The Transitional Home: What Makes this Style Unique?

January 26, 2022

A sleek blend of traditional and modern designs – blending smooth lines, seamless design, and tasteful innovation.

The Transitional style marries the bare minimalism of Mid-Century Modern concepts with natural textures and natural color palettes. Whereas the Mid-Century Modern boasts bare minimalism and open spaces, the Transitional style home artfully adds warmth and dimension into established architectural designs and concepts.

But what makes the Transitional style unique?

Graham Hart is here to help you find the perfect home that fits your everyday need of comfort and modernity, and this architectural style accomplishes just that!

Within our Transitional style concepts, we optimize the use of natural light to bring dimension and warmth into your home. Modern lines and clean edges are coupled with arches and pathways that are referential to the past. Statement lighting filters through sleek window frames and illuminates the hardwood floors and textured ceiling beams. The premier feature of the Transitional home is its strategic use of traditional forms of architectural structures and materials to create a home that is transformed into a contemporary masterpiece. The blend of white, natural wood, and slate-gray appliances give the Transitional home an edge that perfectly balances inventive style with a traditional, sophisticated atmosphere. With warm undertones filtering throughout the home, it is hard not to grab the nearest throw blanket and make yourself comfortable.

At Graham Hart, we value every customer’s individual style and ensure their preferences for innovation and comfort are embodied in all our homes. Now you can prioritize your personal style in a contemporary, tasteful, and effortless fashion.

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