Top Spots near Talon Hills

April 6, 2022

When choosing a home, finding a community filled with recreational activity and urban entertainment is incredibly important. At Graham Hart, we ensure that our communities are perfectly situated in between natural attractions and urban amenities. Our Talon Hills community in Northwest Fort Worth allows for the perfect opportunity to enjoy both outdoor and suburban lifestyles.


Here are some of the unique spots nearby Talons Hills.

Outdoor Activities

Eagle Mountain Lake

Eagle Mountain Lake is a great place to relax and go fishing, wakeboarding, and recreational boating. This lake is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family in the fresh, open air. When you are at Eagle Mountain Lake, your only worries are spending time with friends, listening to the water, and feeling the summer breeze on your skin. If you want to meet fellow lake lovers, you can go to Party Cove, where boaters tie up their boat, relax and have a good time! Not only are there activities on the lake but nearby as well. If water isn’t your passion, you can discover the parks, marinas, and trails surrounding the lake. Eagle Mountain Lake ensures there is relaxation and fun for everyone. When you choose Talon Hills as your forever home, you will have a lake living lifestyle to complement your adventurous and charismatic personality.

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

Are you an avid nature lover? Want to see wildlife up close in person? Then the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is the perfect place for you! The nature center’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of animals and natural areas. You can explore their trails, have a picnic, watch wildlife like deer, prairie dogs, and birds, and traverse the Bison exhibit on Buffalo Road. If you need a break from fast-paced city life, this is the perfect place to take a tranquil walk and decompress.

Suburban Amenities

The River District

Want to discover a community filled with unique restaurants, events, shopping, and outdoor activities? The River District is a growing community of innovative and creative individuals in west Fort Worth. From the popular Heim Barbecue to cute boutiques like Honeysuckle Rose Vintage, there are endless places and opportunities to gather, socialize, and dine with friends and family. You can even stop by the Italian restaurant, Gemelle, and take a picture in front of their neon LOVE sign. You’ll always have something to do in The River District with its growing community of unique businesses, conveniently located near your Graham Hart home.

Stockyards National Historic District

Step into the Old Wild West at the Stockyards! Complete with a cattle drive, saloons, rodeos, and shops, the Stockyards has everything for a family day trip or rooftop dinner with friends. If you are a history buff, you can visit the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame or simply walk down the streets and see how the Stockyards came to be known as “Cowtown”. The Stockyards artfully blends new and old with well-preserved buildings and brand-new restaurants and attractions. The Stockyards is the place to be within the Fort Worth community and continues to shine as a symbol of Western tradition.


Waterside is a community center filled with yummy treats, retail stores, and social events. This center has everything to satisfy your daily needs! Need to buy outdoor supplies for your trip to Eagle Mountain? You can make a quick pit stop at Waterside’s REI store. They have an array of services in close proximity, making it easy to take a fitness class at Club Pilates and pop into Cava for a healthy, flavorful grain bowl. Waterside is a convenient place to hang out with friends and family members in the comfort of your community.

Your New Home Awaits…

When you buy a home in Talon Hills, you become a part of community that fosters connection and the cultivation of lasting memories. At Graham hart, we want to help bring your friends and family members together in a convenient way.

You can find your perfect balance at our Talon Hills community!