What Makes a Modern Farmhouse?

February 2, 2022

Ever wonder what makes a home a modern farmhouse?

While farmhouses initially began in rural areas, they are now being modernized into bigger cities. In Dallas-Fort Worth, home builders have been adopting this style design still since it gained popularity in the early 2010s and Texans have noticed. Here at Graham Hart, we believe in building a modern farmhouse that is comfortable, natural and welcoming.

Comfortable & Cozy

Modern farmhouse styles are usually very comfortable and cozy all in one. Surprisingly enough, the high ceilings found in the modern farmhouse aesthetic often give rooms a modern feeling. Now if you want to dial that up to a ten, add some exposed beams to add to that rustic look to add a cozy feel. Part of the secret magic of how to make your modern farmhouse your comfy sanctuary is how you decorate it. Easily accessible throw blankets draped on couches, or a leaning ladder will invite you to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Natural & Neutral

The neutral colors combined with rustic textures allow for a very satisfying look in a modern farmhouse style. Neutral tones like creams, soft grays and multidimensional whites colors provide a sense of calmness. Take it a step further with deep accents of black, navy or emerald to add pops of depths throughout the home. Now how do you pull that into your décor? By balancing natural wood and sleek metals, you can accomplish a modern feel to bring your farmhouse up to date. But don’t forget to add extra freshness to your home with a plant. By adding a fiddle fig tree or a monstera deliciosa, not only will you be livening up the place, but you will also bring in a good source of oxygen into your home.


They say first impressions are key. Part of the modern farmhouse appeal that makes the best first impression is the front porch. Use this space to show off your personality with an inviting sitting area and seasonal decoration. The interior walls of a modern farmhouse are also a great place to highlight your passions from your family to art and music. The openness of the home allows you to share memorable experiences with your guests and loved ones.

Here at Graham Hart, we’re all about making memories. Discover your modern farmhouse in one of our beautiful communities.